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Welcome to Live Well Yoga. Live Well Yoga provides a path to help you restore, maintain, and enjoy a full life through the balance of body, mind and spirit.We are a friendly & fun family of dedicated teachers and practitioners who have chosen a lifestyle with the intent of sharing, educating, guiding, exploring/experiencing the journey towards optimum health & yoga with each of you.

Live Well Yoga inspires you to be creative, to adapt your yoga practice to meet your own intentions in relation to your daily life.

We offer a wide variety of wellness services, including Private, Prenatal and Group Yoga. Corporate yoga & wellness packages are customized to your needs.

Our team consists of certified, highly trained professionals devoted to offering you the means to a Whole Life that you Love Living!

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SFU Athletics & Recreation in partnership with Live Well Yoga
May 20 - June 25, 2014
220Hr RYT
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*Registration is required for all Lochdale classes, drop in's are taken only where space is available after our sessions begin

*No classes at Lochdale Hall on Stat Holidays

* Upcoming Local Retreats on Bowen Island, & Pender Harbor in March

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Hi 5 Relay - March 10 @ SFU Bby, 10am-3pm complementary classes running all day

*Asana Junkies Practice Group back in Jan

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* A Morning with an ambassador at Lululemon

* Lululemon welcomes Cielo English to the team of Ambassadors

* Drishti Point Radio interview with Cielo English.
Loren Spagnuolo leads an intruiging interview about Cielo's personal insights and Journey on the Path of Yoga

*Interview with the Peak radio


Live Well Yoga provides a path to help you restore, maintain, and enjoy a full life through the balance of body, mind & spirit.We teach at various locations in the Lower Mainland.

All classes at Lochdale are based on 8 week sessions. By structuring smaller classes this way, we offer you the experience of progressing, and strengthening your awareness while building a relationship with your guide. We optimize the 1 on 1 attention that a practitioner needs to develop their practice consistently, giving personal instruction for each individual's needs & level.

Through the commitment of student and teacher in this environment together we strengthen our community, both our outer physical bodies (Bala), our inner hearts (Viria), and maintain a fulfilling quality of life.

Check our schedule for other locations as classes are offered in Vancouver and Burnaby. Private semi-private & corporate classes,Workshops, Retreats, & Executive Yoga are also offered throughout the lower mainland. Come join us in practice, and be supported in your personal journey by fellow yogis and teachers, it's never to late to start!


"Cielo introduced me to yoga through her Vinyasa power yoga classes at SFU. Prior to her class, practicing yoga was a daunting thought, but since then has become a transformative daily practice. Cielo's warmth, expertise, and patience are a winning formula. Taking her class was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks cielo!"

Baruch Huberman, Vancouver


Yoga classes with Cielo English have been the key factor in calming my nervous system from the trauma of two surgical procedures and intense medications.   The first classes quieted me emotionally, allaying my fears and despair of healing.  I am astounded at my progress….each month gain mental focus and physical strength.

Cielo’s ability to meet diverse individual levels inspires confidence and safety to challenge one in their personal yoga practice.  Gratitude and blessings Cielo!
Bonnie Hanuse, Vancouver


Teacher: Cielo English
cielo yoga
cielo yoga
Cielo draws your attention inward for a practice that brings you into your body. Choose the variation of each posture that feels best for your energy level. Follow Hans for a gentler, modified version of each posture, perfect for a beginner yogi. Follow Cielo for a more advanced variation of each yoga posture. Customize your practice to honor your body. This intermediate hatha class gets you moving with an invigorating sequence of classical asanas. This class includes visualization techniques with breath; incorporated to deepen your awareness into body and energy. Poses include: Virabhadrasana II, Uttanasana This mini-workshop offers tips on alignment and application of safety cues for a series of classical Yoga poses. Demonstration of common tendencies in postures vs ideal healthy alighment are viewed to support you for a long and healthy yoga practice


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